Flax seed powder

Flaxseed powder consists of ground flaxseeds and is high in vitamin E, fibres and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is more beneficial to eat ground flax seeds in regards to the uptake of nutrients in the seeds, because the probability of absorption of the nutrients is significantly higher compared to eating whole seeds. Other ingredients have not been added.


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How to use

  • One tablespoon of flax seed powder can be added to yoghurt or muesli.
  • Can also be mixed into oatmeal, casseroles, salads, bread and cutlet dough.
  • To make tea, take 1 tbsp of flax seed powder per glass of water.


  • Ground flax seeds

Net amount

  • 140 g


  • Room temperature

Nutrition information

Bioactive compoundContentUnit
Vitamin E3,56mg/100g
Omega-3 fatty acids10g/100g


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