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Kummeli kasu meie tervisele,Ttervixi teejuht

Chamomilla recutita

Camomile is a medical herb needed from birth to death. When a newly born baby suffers from stomach gases, camomile will be of great help. But grandmother uses camomile to rinse sore gums.

Camomile contains ethereal oil and many other useful components, for example vitamin C. Camomile tea has strong anti-inflammatory effect and it reduces hypersensitivity. It heals well the minute wounds caused by cough. It relieves inflammations of digestive tract and respiratory organs, also complaints caused by gastric gases and stomach ulcer. Camomile tea helps in case of a tooth ache and inflammation of gums.

Camomile compresses are good for ophthalmia and eye fatigue, also to heal wounds and to relieve hypersensitiveness.

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