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Võilille kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht

Taraxacum officinale

Since the ancient times dandelion has been considered a valuable medical herb. According to Theophrastos dandelion is a remedy and it also helps to get rid of pigmentation spots. In folk medicine dandelion has been called the elixir of life, the blood- purifier, laxative, liver regulator and eliminator of tiredness.

The reputation of dandelion is high in modern medicine, too. It is used to treat skin disorders, inflammations of lymphatic system, anaemia, and to improve metabolism of digestive tract and liver. During the recent decades the French, the German, the British and the Americans have started to cultivate dandelion in the garden.

Dandelion grown in the garden is different from the wild one. It is bigger, the leaves are fleshier and more tender and they are not so bitter. Dandelion has more microelements than any other green plant. The bitter substance of dandelion stimulates the gastric glands and improves poor digestion. It stimulates gall excretion, reduces cholesterol, gives relief from constipation.

Everyone can eat salad made from young dandelion leaves. Also you can use the syrup made from dandelion inflorescences and drink tea or coffee made from dandelion roots.

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