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Astelpaju kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht

Professor Emeritus and Doctor of Medicine of Tartu University Selma Teesalu recommends:

In case of gastric ulcer or duodenum use one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil twice or three times a day before eating.

Using sea-buckthorn ointment together with B-vitamins has given good results in case of psoriasis.

Sea-buckthorn is a valuable herb that is rich in vitamins and other components. The berries contain: vitamin C, vitamin A, tocopherols, vitamin B, carotenoids (b-carotin, g-carotin), bioflavonoids, minerals, irreplaceable fatty acids, organic acids etc. Therefore sea-buckthorn can be used as a food additive in different health areas but to achieve the desired effect it should be used for a longer time.

We advise you to use nature products belonging to TERVIX product line, produced from local raw material.

Be healthy using sea-buckthorn!

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