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Benefits of nature

Astelpaju kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht
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Võilille kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht
Herb dandelion
Since the ancient times dandelion has been considered a valuable medical herb. According to Theophrastos dandelion is a remedy and it also helps to get rid of pigmentation spots. In folk medicine dandelion has been called the elixir of life, the blood- purifier, laxative, liver regulator and eliminator of tiredness.
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Kuuse kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht
Herb spruce
Picea abies Spruce has helped people in case of colds, rheumatism and to heal wounds. Spruce resin, shoots and needled are valuable remedies. The needles are used to produce vitamin drinks and ethereal oil. They are rich in vitamin C and they contain iron, chromium, copper, aluminium, manganese and tannin. Tannin has antibacterial effect, so spruce needle tea is used in case of acute or chronic inflammations of respiratory organs.
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Kummeli kasu meie tervisele,Ttervixi teejuht
Herb camomile
Camomile is a medical herb needed from birth to death. When a newly born baby suffers from stomach gases, camomile will be of great help. But grandmother uses camomile to rinse sore gums.
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