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Advantages of Tervix OÜ OÜ Tervix was founded in 2003 to produce food and dietary supplements from natural ingredients. Since then, 100% natural ointments designed in cooperation with scientists have taken on ever greater importance. In 2012, health and cosmetic products for children became one of our most important areas of production. 100% natural – that means that we don’t add any synthetic colouring, aromatic or preservative agents to our products. All of the ingredients in our products come straight from nature. That’s why many of our ointments are ideal for small children. Interesting flavours from Estonian nature – we want to offer interesting Estonian flavours from plants that support human health, known not only from folk medicine but in many cases also scientifically proven. We believe that by adding vitamin extracts to food an exciting experience can be had from meals. As such, an increasing number of our clients include professional chefs and well-known restaurants. Tervix Sea Buckthorn Berry Marmalade and Fir Shoot Syrup have been given the “Approved Estonian Taste” label of quality. All of our products are handmade, ensuring their quality.

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