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Why use our products?

Advantages of Tervix OÜ OÜ Tervix was founded in 2003 to produce food and dietary supplements from natural ingredients. Since then, 100% natural ointments designed in cooperation with scientists have taken on ever greater importance. In 2012, health and cosmetic products for children became one of our most important areas of production. 100% natural – that means that we don’t add any synthetic colouring, aromatic or preservative agents to our products. All of the ingredients in our products come straight from nature. That’s why many of our ointments are ideal for small children. Interesting flavours from Estonian nature – we want to offer interesting Estonian flavours from plants that support human health, known not only from folk medicine but in many cases also scientifically proven. We believe that by adding vitamin extracts to food an exciting experience can be had from meals. As such, an increasing number of our clients include professional chefs and well-known restaurants. Tervix Sea Buckthorn Berry Marmalade and Fir Shoot Syrup have been given the “Approved Estonian Taste” label of quality. All of our products are handmade, ensuring their quality.

Doctor recommends

Professor Emeritus and Doctor of Medicine of Tartu University Selma Teesalu recommends: In case of gastric ulcer or duodenum use one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil twice or three times a day before eating. Using sea-buckthorn ointment together with B-vitamins has given good results in case of psoriasis. Sea-buckthorn is a valuable herb that is rich in vitamins and other components. The berries contain: vitamin C, vitamin A, tocopherols, vitamin B, carotenoids (b-carotin, g-carotin), bioflavonoids, minerals, irreplaceable fatty acids, organic acids etc. Therefore sea-buckthorn can be used as a food additive in different health areas but to achieve the desired effect it should be used for a longer time. We advise you to use nature products belonging to TERVIX product line, produced from local raw material. Be healthy using sea-buckthorn!

Chef recommends

You get an exciting experience adding vitamin-extracts to your food. Herb-syrups also help to strengthen your resistance to illnesses. Turkey fillet in fir-shoot syrup marinade 600g turkey fillet 1 jar fir-shoot syrup 1 red chilly pepper 1 tsp curry powder Salt 1 lemon Some oil Herbs to garnish Chop chilly pepper and lemon finely. Stir in fir-shoot syrup and add curry. Season turkey fillet with salt, put it in a larger bowl and pour over the prepared marinade. Keep in a fridge for about 2 hours. Cook marinated meat with little oil in a frying pan for about 30 minutes (175C). Serve with fresh salad and baked potatoes. A spoonful of fir-shoot syrup will also help in case of a sore throat. Lamb carree with fir-shoot syrup 700g lamb carree 3 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp herb-salt 200g red wine 200g plum juice 5 tbsp Tervix fir-shoot syrup Rosemary and thyme Salt Pepper Serve with pumpkin risotto 200g risotto rice 2 shallot onions 2 cloves of garlic 100g marinated pumpkin 2 dl white wine 200g vegetable stock 150g soy mayonnaise 130g soy cottage cheese 1tsp balsamico Salt Pepper Combine all ingredients and pour over meat, let to season and cook until tender. Take out of the oven and pour over or brush with fir-shoot syrup. To make risotto sauté chopped onion and garlic in oil. Add rice and stew a little. Add pumpkin, white wine and half of the vegetable stock, stew and season. Finally add soy mayonnaise and soy cottage cheese. Sprout – salad with sea-buckthorn syrup 3 different kinds of sprouts 3 tbsp Tervix sea-buckthorn syrup 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp lemon juice Dill Parsley

Herb camomile

Camomile is a medical herb needed from birth to death. When a newly born baby suffers from stomach gases, camomile will be of great help. But grandmother uses camomile to rinse sore gums.

Herb spruce

Picea abies Spruce has helped people in case of colds, rheumatism and to heal wounds. Spruce resin, shoots and needled are valuable remedies. The needles are used to produce vitamin drinks and ethereal oil. They are rich in vitamin C and they contain iron, chromium, copper, aluminium, manganese and tannin. Tannin has antibacterial effect, so spruce needle tea is used in case of acute or chronic inflammations of respiratory organs.

Herb dandelion

Since the ancient times dandelion has been considered a valuable medical herb. According to Theophrastos dandelion is a remedy and it also helps to get rid of pigmentation spots. In folk medicine dandelion has been called the elixir of life, the blood- purifier, laxative, liver regulator and eliminator of tiredness.

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