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Astelpaju kasu meie tervisele, Tervixi teejuht

Hippophae rhamnoides

Sea-buckthorn is a valuable herb that is rich in vitamins and other components. The berries contain: vitamin C, vitamin A, tocopherols, vitamin B, carotenoids (b-carotin, g-carotin), bioflavonoids, minerals, irreplaceable fatty acids, organic acids etc. Sea-buckthorn can be used as a food additive in the following cases.
Immune system

Due to high concentration of b-carotin and vitamin C sea-buckthorn has tonic effect and it stimulates immune system. So these products are considered to be an excellent remedy to prevent seasonal colds and to recover from illnesses. As rich in vitamins and minerals it is also an excellent remedy for tiredness in spring and for general exhaustion. Sea-buckthorn is rich in antioxydants and it could be recommended to people having radiation therapy. The ointment should be applied on the skin before radiation therapy to reduce the damage to tissue cells. Antioxydants eliminate free radicals. Carotenoids and bioflavonoids that give the berries the specific orange and yellow colour are believed to prevent malignancy and can be recommended to prevent different types of cancers.
Heart and cardiovascular system

Flavones found in sea-buckthorn strengthen heart contractility and its pumping-function, reduce peripheral resistance (the resistance of blood vessels) and make blood vessels more elastic. Sea-buckthorn also reduces blood pressure and the content of cholesterol. Bioflavonoids together with vitamin C strengthen capillaries and so reduce the chance of atherosclerosis.

Due to bioflavonoids sea-buckthorn has antiphologistic, antiallergic, anaesthetic and anti-virus effect. It can be used externally in case of scratches, inflammations, burns, eczemas, rashes, ulcers and other skin problems. It speeds recovering tissues, reduces inflammation and allergic phenomenon. It also protects skin from solar radiation (prevents skin cancer) and helps in case of sunburns.
Digestive system

As sea-buckthorn helps tissues to recover it is a good remedy for gastric and duodenum ulcers. Due to organic acids it also helps to regulate digestion. As bioflavonoids protect liver, mainly alcoholics suffer from deficiency of bioflavonoids. Experiences of people using sea-buckthorn show that it also relieves mouth cavity catarrh and ulcers and may help in case of a hoarse voice.

If you keep to the suggested doses no side-effects or contraindications have been noticed. Using sea-buckthorn internally, people suffering from stomach-oesophagus and ulcers should be careful.

We recommend sea-buckthorn as a highly valuable food additive or in case indications mentioned above. But to achieve the desired effect it should be used for a longer time. We advise you to use nature products belonging to TERVIX product line, produced from local raw material.

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