Goose fat ointment Villy 100g

General information

100% natural; contains no synthetic ingredients! In addition to goose fat, this ointment also contains silver fir oil and beeswax. Goose fat is known from folk medicine as treating colds, especially bronchitis and coughing. Goose fat is also good for softening cracked skin and protecting the skin against the cold. Silver fir oil contains 35 biologically active agents and its essential oil stimulates the defences of the body and improves blood sub-dermal circulation.

Suitable for people with sensitive skin as well as small children and people with allergies.


  • For mild ailments of the respiratory tract, spread a thin layer on the chest and soles of the feet 2-3 times a day.
  • Also suitable for use against the cold in winter sports and for other outdoor activities. Spread a suitably thick layer on the cold open area of the skin.


  • Goose fat, beeswax & silver fir oil


  • 100g


  • Room temperature, in a cool place when opened

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